• 07 OCT 16
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    Kick Off Meeting

    Kick Off Meeting

    The keep off meeting took place on October 11th 2016 at the Observatoire de Paris.



    • 8:45 welcome

    Presentation of the Project (chair J. LaskarObservatoire de Paris)

    • 9:00-9:10   H. Berestycki (EHESS), Doyen PSL, Presentation initiatives IRIS.
    • 9:10-9:20   C. Catala (Observatoire de Paris), Welcome words.
    • 9:20-10:00 A. Lazcano (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Research on the origin of life, an historical perspective.
    • 10:00-10:20 S. Mazevet (Observatoire de Paris), Projet IRIS origines and conditions for the emergence of life at PSL.

    10:20-10:35 Pause

    OCAV Projets Funded (chair A. Griffiths, ESPCI)

    • 10:35-10:55 P. Baudoz (Observatoire de Paris), Exoplanet research and direct imaging.
    • 10:55-11:15 D. Bockelee-Morvan (Observatoire de Paris), Seasonal and regional variations of comet 67P activity observed by VIRTIS onboard Rosetta. A clue to infer pristine comet nucleus composition.
    • 11:1511:35 P. Nghe (ESPCI), How to start evolution in collectively autocatalytic systems.
    • 11:35-11:55 P. Rainey (ESPCI), Evolutionary transitions in Darwinian individuality.
    • 11:55-12:15 R. Ferriere (ENS), Mathematical and experimental modeling of ecosystem emergence and complexification.

    12:15-14:30 Lunches and poster session

    Origines of Life Initiatives in the world (Chair L. Jullien, ENS)

    • 14:30-15:00 D. Sasselov (Harvard University), Origins Initiative at Harvard.
    • 15:00-15:30 J. Sutherland (University of Cambridge), Origins of life initiative at Cambridge.
    • 15:30-16:00 D. Braun (LMU Munich), Origins of life at LMU Munich.

    16h00-16h30 pause

    16h30-18h30 Public lecture

    • J. Laskar (Observatoire de Paris), the climatic stability of the Earth.


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