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    Retraite 2017

    Retraite 2017

    July 10th and 11th

    Salle du Conseil

    Observatoire de Paris


    Monday July 10th

    10h-10h10 C. Catala, President Observatoire de Paris, Introduction and welcome

    10h10-10h30 S. Mazevet (Observatoire): Summary of the project activities over the first year


    10h30-13h00 Habitability here and beyond

    1. T. Encrenaz (Observatoire): Habitable conditions in the solar system
    2. D. Sasselov (Harvard): Habitability beyond the solar system

    Roundtable discussion: D. Sasselov, T. Encrenaz, J. Laskar


    13h00-14h30 Poster session with OCAV funded projects-Salle Cassini


    14h30-16h30 From chemistry to the cell

    1. Sutherland (Univ. Cambridge): Origins of life systems chemistry
    2. Griffith (ESPCI): Identifying life-like properties in the laboratory

    Roundtable discussion: L. Jullien, J. Sutherland, A. Griffith, A. Joliot

    16h30-17h Coffee break

    17h00-19h00 Comets and life

    1. K. Meech (Univ. Hawaii): Comets, Missions and the Connection to Habitable Worlds
    2.  L.S D’Hendecourt (IAS): From astrochemistry to astrobiology: the importance of cosmic ices in the buil-up of organic materials

    Roundtable discussion: D. Bockelee-Morvan, K. Meech, L.S d’Hendecourt, J.H. Fillion


    20h00 Dinner international committee and OCAV Steering committee 


    Tuesday July 11th

    9h00-11h00 Breakthrough listen initiative

    1. A. Lazcano(Univ. Mexico) Is the Universe teeming with life? A short history of a big question
    2. P. Zarka(Observatoire) SETI with NENUFAR

    Roundtable discussion: P. Pitrou, C. Lineweaver, P. Zarka, P. Rainey


    11h30-13h30 Life as a planetary event: atmosphere evolution and biological activity

    1. J. Kasting(Univ Penn): Modeling atmospheres of planets and exoplanets
    2. R. Ferriere (ENS): Linking ecological function and planet habitability: first insights from a simple energy-limited ecosystem model

      Roundtable discussion: R. Ferriere, C. Linewaever, J. Kasting, B. Charnay

    13h-14h30 Close session Working lunch International committee-OCAV steering committee


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