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    Journées OCAV 2018

    Journées OCAV 2018

    Wednesday November 7th


    Inauguration of the movie festival “Présences extraterrestres. Saison 2 : “Vies humaines dans l’espace”” (organized by R. Lehoucq, P. Pitrou & J.- S. Steyer) at the movie theather the Grand Action, 5, rue des Écoles, Paris 5e

    • 19h30 Presentation of the festival by the organizers
    • 19h45 Screening of Interstellar de Christopher Nolan, 2014, 2h49min, VO.
    • 22h45 Comments on the movie by R. Lehoucq and E. de Set


    Thursday November 8th

    09h30-09h40 C. Catala, Président de l’Observatoire de Paris: Introduction and welcome

    09h40-10h00 S. Mazevet (Observatoire): Summary of the project activities over the first two years

    10h00-11h40 Habitability Here and Beyond

    • (20mn) Summary of the activity and questions addressed J. Laskar (Observatoire), S. Mazevet (Observatoire)
    • (25mn) M. Sallefest (Observatoire, OCAV PD): Stability of spin
    • (25mn)B. Sauterey (ENS-Observatoire, OCAV PD)/ B Charnay (Observatoire): Co-evolution of life and planet habitability
    • (30mn) Roundtable discussion: J. Kasting, J. Laskar, B. Charnay, S. Mazevet, P. Baudoz


    11h40-14h00 Lunch and poster session with OCAV funded projects-Salle Cassini

    14h00-16h00 From non Living to Living Matter

    • (20mn) Summary of the activity and questions addressed L. Jullien et A. Griffiths
    • (25mn) A. Bockuis (ESPCI, OCAV student): Starting natural selection in compartimentalized chemical reactions
    • (15mn) G. Stiernemann (ENS, new project): Simulation of prebiotic chemical reactions catalyzed by aqueousaerosols
    • (15mn) P. Nghe (ESPCI, new project): Autocatalytic network and the emergence of Life
    • (45mn) Roundtable discussion: L. Jullien, J. Sutherland, D. Braun, A. Griffiths, P. Nghe

    16h00-16h30 Coffee break

    16h30-17h30 Anthropology of Life, On Earth and In Outer Space

    • (20mn) Summary of activities and questions addressed P. Pitrou (Collège de France)
    • (20mn) I. Praet (Roehampton, OCAV Invited): Astrobiology as a conceptual laboratory
    • (20mn) J. Becker (Collège de France, OCAV PD): Living and artificial systems

    17h30-19h15 Visualization and Visual Culture of Life

    • (20mn) Summary of activities and questions addressed C. Bigg (EHESS)
    • (20mn) F. Aït Touati (EHESS) Staging Life, 17th-21st centuries
    • (25mn) E. de Smet (EHESS, OCAV PD) Iconology: Artist impressions in astronomy and exobiology

    (35mn) Rountable discussion: F. Ait Touati, J. Becker, C. Bigg, P. Pitrou I. Praet, E. Smet

    Friday November 9th

    9h30-11h00 Major Transitions in Biology and Evolution

    • (20mn) Summary and questions addressed P. Rainey, O. Farge, A. Joliot
    • (20mn) G. Doulcier (ESPCI, OCAV student): Evolution of Heredity
    • (20mn) M. Nguyen (Curie, OCAV student): Origins of mesoderm evolutionary emergence
    • (30mn) Rountable discussion: A. Joliot, C. Lineweaver, O. Farge, P. Rainey, A. Lazcano


    11h00-11h30 Coffee break


    11h30-13h00 Chemical Complexity in Planet-Forming Disks

    • (20mn) Summary and questions addressed D. Bockelee Morvan (Observatoire)
    • (15mn) Q. Kral (Observatoire, new project): Simulations of circumstellar disks
    • (20mn) YC Cheng (Observatoire, PD OCAV): Water and carbon dioxide from Rosetta target 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
    • (30mn) Roundtable discussion: D. Bockelee-Morvan, K. Meech, L.S d’Hendecourt, Q. Kral

    13h-16h00 Close session Working lunch International comittee-OCAV steering committee


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