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    OCAV seminar – November 6, 2019

    Wednesday November6th, 2019 – joint seminar AstroMeso/Geo Kickoff Workshop
    9:30AM-noon, Salle de l’atelier, Observatoire de Paris
    Jessica H. Whiteside, University of Southampton
    An Overture to the Anthropocene: Enhanced Orbital Modulation of the Tropical Monsoon by CO2 at the Dawn of the Dinosaurs
    Abstract: Global climate models of increasing atmospheric CO2 predict a strengthened hydrological cycle coupled with warming, and amplification of the effects of astronomically-paced precipitation cycles. High-CO2 warm intervals during the hothouse Mesozoic world should display these effects and be analogues to our future greenhouse world. To test this hypothesis, I present Late Triassic and Early Jurassic (232-200 million years ago) lithological, plant structural forms, carbon isotope ratios, the soil carbonate proxy for atmospheric CO2, and leaf wax n-alkane hydrogen isotope ratios from both marine and non-marine records in eastern North America, Peru, and England, with an emphasis on the end-Triassic mass extinction, the modulation of the tropical monsoon, and the rise of dinosaurs.
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