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    PhD Defense- Guilhem Doulcier

    Monday December 2, 2019 – PhD Defense
    at Institut de Biologie de l’École Normale Supérieure
    46 rue d’Ulm, salle Favard (ground floor, first door in the right)
    présentation en anglais
    Guilhem Doulcier, IBENS
    On the evolution of collective-level Darwinian properties

    Life has a nested structure where lower level entities are embedded in higher level collectives (genes in chromosomes, organelles in cells, cells in organisms, organisms in eusocial groups). All levels are subject to evolution by natural selection. This arises from the fact that at each level the focal entities are Darwinian, that is, they are discrete and vary one to another, they replicate and give rise to offspring that resemble parental types. The emergence of a new level of organisation is a relatively rare event in the history of life, and requires the de novo evolution of level-specific properties that allow the new level of organisation to participate directly in the
    process of evolution by natural selection. In this manuscript I explore, using mathematical models, the idea that Darwinian properties can be exogenously imposed (scaffolded) by the environment. I show how natural
    selection can build upon those scaffolded properties to promote the emergence of endogenous traits underpinning collective-level reproduction and heredity.


    The jury is composed of:

    Hélène Morlon (IBENS, president), Sylvain Gandon (CEFE, reviewer)

    Joachim Krug (University of Cologne, reviewer)

    Guillaume Martin (ISEM)

    Paul B. Rainey (ESPCI/MPI, supervisor)

    Silvia De Monte (IBENS/MPI, supervisor)

    Amaury Lambert (Sorbonne Université, advisor)

    Philippe Nghe (ESPCI, guest)

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