The OCAV meetings take place monthly in the historical room at the Observatoire de Paris.

Following the format initiated during the exoplanet meetings, a large part of the time allocated is devoted to discussions and interactions with the speaker.

In order to respect the rules of social distancing and the application of barrier gestures, access to the Paris Observatory is subject to authorization and the capacity of the Council room is reduced to 20 people. Consequently, access to the Salle du Conseil will be limited to registered participants only, upon presentation of the registration confirmation e-mail.

In order to allow as many people as possible to participate, we will set up a videoconference.

Program 2020-2021

Wednesday, Cotober 7, 2020, 9h30  C. Mordasini (University of Bern), Planetary populations synthesis (Salle du Conseil) 


Ground-based surveys with radial velocity and direct imaging instruments, and the space-based transit survey by the Kepler satellite have revealed the multi-faceted demographics of the extrasolar planet population in important parts of the parameter space. Besides the well-known diversity in the orbital properties of the planets, this statistical information now includes also compositional constraints and inter-system correlations. Taken together, these observations put compelling combined constraints on planet formation and evolution theory. 

In this talk, I will first give an overview of the most important statistical observational constraints. I will then introduce planetary population synthesis as a method to put our theoretical understanding of planet formation and evolution to the statistical observational test. I will present the physical processes that are included in the global end-to-end models that are used to generate the synthetic planetary populations. The description of these physical processes in the global models is based on the results of many theoretical studies addressing in a detailed way a specific process; in this sense, the global models eflect the state of the art in planet formation modelling as a whole.

I will then focus on the results recently obtained in a new generation of planetary population syntheses which might be among the most comprehensive simulations of planetary system formation conducted to date. I will discuss the successes and failures in reproducing observed properties. I will use the discrepancies to point out shortcomings in our current theoretical understanding, and pathways to address them. This includes orbital migration models, models for the protoplanetary gas disk, and the internal structure of planets. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 9h30  M. Saitta, MC Maurel (Sorbonne Université) Prebiotic chemistry (Salle du Conseil) – Registration (TBD)

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 T. Fouchet (Observatoire de Paris), Mars 2020 (Salle du Conseil) – Registration (TBD)

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 TBA

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 TBA

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 TBA

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 TBA

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 TBA

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 TBA


Program 2019-2020

November 6th J. Whiteside Ecologic response to abrupt climate change  University of Southampton (Atelier)

November 6th-7th: Astromeso workshop on paleoclimate org. J. Laskar

December 4th  A. Santerne and M . Deleuil Plato et TESS missions, Université de Marseille (Conseil)

December 5th J Hara Cours sur les méthodes bayesiennes Université de Genève

NEW January, 8th A. Estevez-Torres (Sorbonne Université) and Y. Rondelez (ESPCI) Nucleic acids and emergence of life behavior (Conseil)

February, 5th Thomas Heams Infravies, life without boundaries AgroParisTech (Conseil)

NEW March, 4th Philippe Marlière and Arnaud Gautier ( Sorbonne Université), Prebiotic, parabiotic and postbiotic chemistries: the evolutionary horizon of terrestrial life, (Conseil)

April 8th  C. Mordasini Planetary formation, Université de Bern (Conseil)

NEW May, 6th  M. Saitta, MC Maurel (Sorbonne Université) and H. Cottin (Université Paris-Est Créteil), Contribution of exogenous chemical complexity, (Conseil)

June 3rd (Conseil) S. Höhler, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm


Program 2018-2019

  • November 8th et 9th Annual meeting OCAV CONSEIL
  • Décembre 5th Phylogeny of Life on Earth S. Gribaldo (Institut Pasteur) CONSEIL
  • January 9th History of Life on Earth II F. Guyot (MNHN) le 13 ATELIER
  • February 6th Origines of Life C. Malaterre (Univ. Montreal) CONSEIL
  • March 6th Geologic contrains on the recent dynamics of the solar system J. Laskar (Observatoire) CONSEIL
  • May 7th 13h30-16h Copolymerization, thermodynamics, and molecular information processing P. Gaspart Université libre de Bruxelles (ATELIER)
  • Mai 22th 9h30-13h Habitabilité des planètes de type terrestre F. Selsis Université de Bordeaux (CONSEIL)
  • June 4th-5th 9h30-18h Anthropology Off Earth I. Praet, R. F. Ferrière, E. De Smet Et J. Becker Observatoire(CONSEIL)/Collège de France
  • June 20th 9h30-13h  NASA Project Earth in Other Systems D. Apai and A. Bixel, University of Arizona (CONSEIL)
  • June 27th 13h30-16h Jupiter et la mission Juno T. Guillot, Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur (ATELIER)

Programme 2017-2018

Wednesday November 13th Observations and exoplanets D. Rouan A. Boccaletti CONSEIL

Monday November 13th Meeting europeen Exoceans avec une journée introduction OCAV le 13 ATELIER

Wednesday November 22th What is Life K. Capova Critical zone F. Ait Touatis (EHESS) CONSEIL

Wednesday December 6th Satellites and formation S. Charnoz(IPGP) CONSEIL

16-22 December workshop ANU-PSL 

Wednesday January 10th Direct Imaging  P. Baudoz (Observatoire) CONSEIL

Wednesday January 24th Postdocs OCAV Activité Biologique (ENS)/Roseta (Observatoire) CONSEIL

Wednesday February 7th Modelling exoplanets atmosphere  F. Forget (LMD Jussieu) ATELIER

Wednesday March 7th Geophysics, Geochemistry and Origines F. Guyot (MNHN) CONSEIL

Wednesday March 21th Postdocs OCAV Stability of spin axis (Observatoire) /Emergence of mesoderm (Curie) CONSEIL


Mercredi 27 juin Visualisation in astronomy C. Bigg (EHESS) CONSEIL

Past events

July 10th and 11th OCAV Annual meeting 

Wednesday June 28th (to be confirmed) Visualisation in astronomy C. Bigg (EHESS)
Tuesday July 4th L'Evolution Chimique est elle Darwinienne C. Malaterre (Université de Quebec à Montreal)
Wednesday June 7th  Origin and Early Evolution of Life P. Garcia Lopez (Saclay)
Tuesday May 23rd The History of the solar system A. Morbidelli (OCA)
Wednesday May 10th Self assembly toward life-like properties D. Woods, Z. Zeravcic (ESPCI)
Wednesday Avril 5th Evolution of collective functions S. De Monte (ENS) et O. Rivoire (Collège de France)
Wednesday March 22nd Antropologie of life I. Praet J. Becker, P. Pitrou (Collège de France)
Wednesday March 1st Transition from uni to pluricelluarity M. Bornens (Institut Curie) Salle Danjon
Thursday February 9th The history of the solar system A. Morbidelli (OCA)

Wednesday December 7th 2016 Modélisation of atmospheres and biological feedbacks

  • 9h30-11h00 R. Ferriere (ENS) Modeling primitive ecosystems and planetary feedbacks
  • 11h00-12h00 B. Charnay (Observatoire) 3D modelisation of the primitive Earth: climat, carbon cycle and photochemistry

Wednesday Novembre 9th 2016 Introduction to exoplanets

  • 9h30-10h45 D. Rouan Introduction to exoplanets
  • 10h45-11h30 B. Charnay GCM models applied to giant and terrestrial planets
  • 11h30-12h15 F. Roques Exoplanets online course

Wednesday October 11th OCAV kick off meeting 


public lecture J. Laskar The climatic stability of the Earth

Wednesday September 9th Stability in biologie and astronomy

  • 9h30-10h45 Jacques Laskar (Observatoire de Paris) Time ans stability in astronomy
  • 10h45-12h00 Alain Joliot (Collège de France) Time in biology

Thursday July 13th 2016 Evolution

  • 9:30-11:00 P. Rainey (ESPCI) What evolution is and how it guides thinking about origins
  • 10:30-11:30 Andrew Griffith (ESPCI) Background for microfluidic experiments and chemical darwinism
  • 11:30-12:30 Philippe Nghe (ESPCI) The RNA world and other prebiotic scenarii

Wednesday June 8th 2016 Experimental setups relevant to the OCAV project

  • 9:30-10:15 Andrew Griffith/PhilippeNg (ESPCI) Microfluidic
  • 10:15-11h Régis Ferrière (ENS) Ecology
  • 11h-11:45 Pierre Baudoz (Observatoire) Direct imaging
  • 11:45-12:30 Paul Rainey (ESPCI) Evolution
  • déjeuner
  • 14:00-14:45 Perig Pitrou (EHESS) Documentation/books/seminar
  • 14:45-15:00 JL Fillon (Observatoire) Astrochemistry

Wednesday Mars 9th 2016 Chemical complexity

  • 9:30 D. Bockelee-Morvan (LESIA Observatoire de Paris) Molecular complexity in cometary ices
  • 10:30 L. Julien (ENS) Complexity in chemistry