• 08 JUIL 17
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    Dynamical Reactive Systems for Driving Molecular Evolution

    Dynamical Reactive Systems for Driving Molecular Evolution

    This project introduces a generic evolutionary protocol relying on temperature gradient-induced reaction-diffusion cycles to (i) force an -aminoacid-peptide set engaged in ligation/hydrolysis reactions to continuously react and randomly explore the possible lengths and sequences of the peptides, (ii) locally govern steady-state concentration profiles higher than at chemical equilibrium, emergence of autocatalytic closed protometabolisms and Darwinian evolution between autocatalytic closed protometabolisms competing for common energy and matter sources. Hence, this project aims to fill a gap between the emergence of chemical diversity, i.e. how complex molecules similar to the biogenic ones could be formed from much simpler compounds as they existed on primitive Earth (Prebiotic chemistry), and the emergence of chemical information, i.e. how some compounds could replicate their own structure within the environment, which encompass the emergence of replicators.

    PI L. Julien

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