• 12 NOV 19
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    Photochemistry and haze on the early Earth and exoplanets

    The purpose of this project is to simulate the atmospheres of the early Earth and warm/temperate exoplanets with a 3D model including photochemistry and photochemical haze.
    As a first step, we will simulate the photochemistry of the early Earth’s atmosphere before and after the Great Oxidation Event (2.4 Ga), corresponding respectively to a methane-rich and a oxygen-rich atmosphere. We will compute the methane/oxygen lifetime, the production of more complex hydrocarbons, the formation of organic haze and the ozone layer. The simulated climate states will be coupled to the ecosystem model developed by OCAV members.
    As a second step, we will study the photochemistry and haze formation on exoplanets, from temperate rocky exoplanets (e.g. Trappist-1 planets) to warm mini-Neptunes (e.g. GJ1214b) whose atmospheres will be characterized by JWST, ELTs and ARIEL.

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