• 08 JUIL 17
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    Stability of Spin Axis in Exoplanet Systems

    Stability of Spin Axis in Exoplanet Systems

    What is the probability of finding a planet comparable to the Earth in the vicinity of the Solar System ? This is the fundamental question that we want to address. For this, we aim to study in a global way a parameter that is fundamental for the determination of a planet climate : its obliquity, that is the angle between its equator and orbital plane. For the Earth, although the changes of obliquity are moderate, of about 1.3 degree around its mean values, they are responsible of large climate changes that can be traced in the sedimentary records. But without the Moon, the spin axis of the Earth would wander chaotically with a very large possible excursion, ranging from 0 to 90 degrees (Laskar et al, 1993). This would induce large changes on the surface insolation on the Earth, and strongly affect its climate. The goal of this research is to study in a global way the possible evolution of the obliquity of terrestrial planets in extrasolar planetary systems. This study will be essential as in the next decade, a huge amount of new planetary systems will be discovered. Présentation

    Pi J. Laskar

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