Whether life is singular or abundant in the universe has been a central question since the oldest times. It resonates in the background with fundamental questions that have been the subject of passionate and sometimes irrational debates throughout time: what is life, how can life emerge spontaneously from non-living systems, what is the probability that life will emerge, what are the conditions for the emergence of life, are they unique to the Earth or multiple in the universe, can we find it if it is the case?

We propose to address these outstanding questions at the level of PSL Research University by stimulating and focusing the work of a pluri-disciplinary community of researchers expressing their interest in this area :

Three axis of investigation

1) Conditions for the emergence of life in the solar system and beyond: exploration of the solar system and exoplanets
2) Emergence of living matter: prebiotic chemistry, transitions toward complexity, biological feedbacks on planetary environment
3) Cultural variations and artistic representations

Funded projects